Candlestick Pattern

Candlestick pattern is an extremely important knowledge in technical analysis. From simple candlestick patterns, you can fully predict the future price trend.

Here, How To Trade Blog will teach you a lot of reliable candle patterns. As well as the meaning and strategies of each pattern. Especially, we show you how to use candlestick pattern with indicators to increase the probability of accuracy when trading.

Candlestick patterns that you must pay special attention to include:

– Single Candles: Shooting Star, Hammer, Pin Bar, Doji and Marubozu.

– 2 candles pattern: Tweezer Tops / Bottoms, Harami, Engulfing …

– 3 candles pattern: Morning Star, Evening Star, Three Inside Up / Down, Three white soldiers, Three black crows.

Read and use these candlesticks to build your best trading strategies.