How To Trade Forex With All-in Strategy And Unlimited Leverage

How To Trade Forex With All-in Strategy And Unlimited Leverage
How To Trade Forex With All-in Strategy And Unlimited Leverage

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Usually, no one recommends All-In capital management. It’s not wise to bet everything you have on a single trade. Win big or lose everything.

However, I have witnessed some people make money from all-in-style. So I will rewrite and share in the most honest way. If you find it suitable, you can try it.

In this market, profit is the answer. There is no right method or strategy if you are not making money. Do not praise or criticize any method or strategy. Let’s read and absorb it based on the spirit of learning and expanding knowledge.

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What is All-in?

All-in in poker means to bet all your money currently on the table on a single hand.

All-in in poker
All-in in poker

All-in in Forex means to put all the money you have in your account into a single trade. If you are wrong, your account will have nothing left (burned). If you’re right, you’ll earn a big amount.

Usually, there will be 2 cases where traders do all-in in Forex trading:

(1) Passive All-in. They just lost a large amount of money and only had a small amount in the account. So they decide to make an all-in transaction. if win, they will recover the losses. If lose, they quit.

For example, my account has $750 left. So I open 1 SELL EUR/USD trade with Stop Loss 40 pips and all in. So the trading volume of this SELL order is 2.5 lots. If the price touches SL, the account balance will go to 0.

(2) Active All-in. Simply put that traders use all-in as a capital management strategy. Usually, they just sit and do nothing. But when the moment comes, they will go all out.

What is all-in in Forex?
What is all-in in Forex?

In this article, I will write about case (2). Use all-in as a strategy to make profits in Forex. The strategy is called All-in with an unlimited account in Exness trading platform.

For instance, you have $500 left in your account and trade 30 lots of Gold. If win, you get several thousand dollars (more than 5 times the capital). If lose, you lose $500. Is it worth a try?

Trading with Exness Unlimited Leverage account
Trading with Exness Unlimited Leverage account

How to trade Forex with All-in strategy and Unlimited Leverage

Step 1: Open Exness account and get the IB link

Click on this red text and register: Open an Exness Free account with IB link.

Why you must do this?

(1) Exness has an Unlimited leverage account. With a balance of less than $1000, you can open 3 consecutive transactions of 20 lots (or even more).

(2) All-in is also a strategy for you to increase the trading volume and get the commission. In a nutshell, you become a referral for Exness and get the commission from your transactions. It means if you win you will have a big profit. If not, you get a little commission back.

Open Exness account and get IB link
Open Exness account and get IB link

Step 2: How to all-in

When trading with an Unlimited account, just inching 1 pip can make your account burn out. Therefore, there is no specific method to win for sure.

Thun, the best way to all-in is to trade on news (the news is strong enough to affect the currency pair you trade). At that time, the price is likely to fluctuate in a certain direction, either increasing strongly or decreasing sharply.

For example, if you trade gold (XAU/USD), focus on the times of the US news (NonFarm, CPI, PPI, GDP… or the Fed – FOMC). These are the periods when the gold price can be very volatile. You can follow and enter the trading order.

How to all-in
How to all-in with news

Of course, if you trade in the wrong direction, your money will be all gone. On the contrary, if you are right, start moving the SL. Use the Trailing Stop technique to protect your profits.

Step 3: Deposit and withdrawal strategy in all-in trading

Active All-in is a deposit and trading game. The outcome will usually be: Lose more than win. Therefore, you must not leave too much money in the account.

For example, you have $10,000 and want to use the all-in capital management strategy. Then let’s split it into 20 top-ups, 500$ each time. Deposit when you lose and withdraw when you win.

Deposit and withdrawal strategy
Deposit and withdrawal strategy

Then, with 20 all-in times, you only need to win 3 out of those 20 chances. You will get your full amount back. Moreover, Exness will pay you a small commission for trading with high volume.

Earn commissions with Exness Unlimited leverage account
Earn commissions with Exness Unlimited leverage account

Step 4: Forex trading is just a side job

If you consider Forex trading as a full-time job, the all-in strategy is not for you. This strategy is only for those who consider Forex as a side business and focus on strong news.

It’s because not every day the market has news that is strong enough for you to bet all in. Therefore, full-time traders with all-in capital management will not be able to beat the market.

Ok. Basically, you already know how to do all-in. That’s all I want to share in this article.

To conclude

There are only 2 results when you go all-in with the Unlimited leverage account. (1) Earn many times the amount of money spent and (2) Lose all. It’s quite dangerous, right? But if someone is making money from this strategy, they’re still doing it right.

I absolutely do not recommend this type of trading. The article is only for you to have a more perspective on trading and capital management.

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