Make Money From IQ Option Within 1 Month Using T.L.S Strategy – Week 4

Make Money From IQ Option Within 1 Month Using TLS Strategy – Week 4

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This week is the end of the 1-month money-making challenge with the T.L.S strategy. This is not too much money to get rich but still contributing gradually to making the account bigger and bigger. It’s not easy to sit there with all these thoughts in mind without taking any action. Here, there are shares on how to make money from IQ Option meticulously built by me so don’t miss out on it. Act now! No one is making money for you but yourself.

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Video on earning $490 with the effective T.L.S trading strategy in IQ Option in week 4

A simple strategy for making money from IQ Option

The strategy is built on basics that any trader can understand. It takes the core of trading as the basis for opening orders. And whether you can make money from IQ Option or not depends on each person’s mentality.

Why is it so hard to make money? Why are there so many trading strategies, capital management methods, and trading psychology? Yes, these are extremely profitable investments so the risks are also high. If you do not have a specific plan, joining the market will definitely make you lose money.

Effective money-making strategies
Effective money-making strategies

The financial market only allows 5% of investments to be profitable. That means 95% will lose money. If you do not hone your knowledge, manage your risks well, and have a strong mentality, you will be among the losers. The minority that wins the game will be free in finance, time, and to do what they like.

Take the time to learn and become the winners instead of sitting there dreaming. You will get back what you deserve compared to the effort and time you spent studying.

Personality matching strategies

If you are adventurous, then this reversal trading style is for you. That strategy, although not safe, is compatible with your own personality. The strategy must be in harmony with the personality to raise up a passion for discovery and improvement.

Reversal strategies are dangerous, aren’t they? Then find out how to open an order in the safest way or set the principles to limit the risk as much as possible. It’s simple, but if you do, you are halfway to success. The remaining thing to do is to win yourself. If you pass all of the above, then congratulate on joining the 5% profitable group.

Successfully joined the minority
Successfully joined the minority

The T.L.S strategy is for safety lovers who do not want to face many risks. If you follow the trend to open orders, you have taken advantage of the market power. The rest is to find nice entry points to open orders safely and make money from IQ Option.

The right time to make money from IQ Option

It is normal to fail with the right strategy but at the wrong time. If you are a reversal trader, the most appropriate time is when the market goes sideways. Then, between supply and demand, there is a certain balance that makes the price unable to go further, so the reversal is very likely. If you are trading on an up or down trend, then you were wrong in the first place. Your account will suffer heavy losses when the price goes beyond your expectations.

The right time to hunt
The right time to hunt

When I use the T.L.S strategy, the market tends to deliver a high win rate. Prices will go in one direction which is up or down like a wave sweeping everything in its path. Therefore, choosing the right time to “surf” the trend will make the profit to come. When the market went sideways, I kept failing when I opened orders.

Therefore, you must choose the time that suits the strategy to get winning orders and limit losing ones. It is also quite easy to realize. You just need to connect bottoms to bottoms, tops to tops to identify the trend.

Accept failure

Do you feel bitter when someone snatches a given reward from your hand for making a mistake? So is the financial market. It is always ready to destroy your account when you make a mistake.  And how will you react? Will you take immediate revenge or accept losing your reward for making a mistake?

Accept failures
Accept failures

Most of the failed traders rush in an attempt to regain the stolen rewards. However, the results are extremely bitter for those who do not know how to accept that they are wrong.

Experienced traders turn their backs on and think that there are plenty of opportunities so there is no rush. The next day, they go back looking for the lost stuff without being sure they’ll get it back. But I’m sure that they are calmer and wiser than yesterday.

What do successful people need?

Being successful in trading is very simple. You have to apply steel discipline to yourself. The most glorious victory is the victory against yourself. You don’t have to fight the market to make a profit. Win your ego and the money will come to you.

It takes the virtue of perseverance to be willing to spend months just to statisticize the win-loss rate of the strategy. It is necessary to have a steadfast spirit in difficult situations.

What do successful people need?
What do successful people need?

You don’t need an outstanding smart mind to make money from IQ Option. Just forming a habit of discipline for your set of principles is a great step forward. Over time, good habits will form and you will never fail again.

In conclusion

To get some results with the T.L.S strategy today, I probably have stumbled many times. Every time I did it wrong, I would personally review the causes and then improve it most effectively. All mistakes are recorded in the transaction log to remind me that I have stumbled there. In the future, there will never be a repeat of the past.

Each time you go through a difficulty, if you don’t allow it to knock you down, you will be stronger and stronger. At some point, the experience will keep you from losing money. Making no bad trade means you will keep winning.

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