To make money in Olymp Trade: Think like a predator (Part 14/20)

To make money in Olymp Trade: Think like a predator
To make money in Olymp Trade: Think like a predator

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“No one is trading alone”. This is the principle that can never be changed. The market can’t print money itself. Trading platforms don’t print money themselves. And so does Olymp Trade. If you want to make money when trading in Olymp Trade or anywhere, it means that some individuals or some certain groups will lose money for you. Do you get it? In the world of trading, there are only 2 types of people: (i) Money makers and (ii) Money losers. And the question is: Where are you between the two types above?

The market is like a battlefield. It’s really cruel. And today, I will use the image of a predator as an illustration for a trader. Either you are the predator, or you die.

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Stories about predators who specialize in making money in Olymp Trade

Trader in Olymp Trade – open 2 to 3 orders per day

I would like to share with you about an account that has been making a lot of money in Olymp Trade. He is exactly like a professional predator, and his favorite prey is GOLD.

Gold trading in Olymp Trade
Gold trading in Olymp Trade

There is nothing fancy about this trader. All he does is look at a 30-minute chart of the gold price. Then, he identifies the market trend and opens orders. There were days when he didn’t trade, simply because there was no opportunity. The day he traded the most was just with 3 orders. Eventually, he took profit and withdrew money from Olymp Trade account to his bank account. That’s all! And here is the detailed video:

Making money is so simple, isn’t it? No! It is not that simple. Or to be more precise, when you look at the price chart, keeping yourself patient is not simple. For professional “predators” in the Olymp Trade trading platform, most of the time, they do nothing. They just wait, wait, and wait. When the market gives clear entry points with a high win rate that is worth the money, they open orders.

Saltwater alligator, the ultimate predator

Over 200 million years of existence, it has evolved, developed, and completed skills to become one of the most successful predators on Earth. And saltwater alligator is also known with another name: Opportunistic predator

The Creator has given the “saltwater crocodiles” too many favors: Extremely strong jaws and sharp teeth. But what makes them “ultimate” lies in patience. Aligator understands that it is too big to chase other fish but it needs a lot of protein for the body. Therefore, alligators take the time to hunt for more quality and easier terrestrial prey.

Saltwater alligator, the ultimate predator
Saltwater alligator, the ultimate predator

Alligators have the ability to learn prey behavior and to stalk prey for many consecutive days. It knows when its prey will reach the riverbank, move across the river, or drink water. Closer, closer, and closer. ROAR! With only one shot, the alligator clamps and pulls his victim into the water, submerging until the prey suffocates. And so, he enjoys his meal.

You see, even in nature, to survive, the ultimate predator still needs a method, discipline, and patience.

Snipers – Cold-blooded killer

Have you ever watched a movie about headhunters with just one shot? That is one of the best images I always want to learn and apply to trade. And this is how that killer works.

After choosing the prey, the killer spends days in a row observing the prey. He patiently records behaviors, personality, habits, or even the bodyguards beside the prey. Then, he makes up a detailed plan to “hunt”: Place, time, strategy,… and how to escape. Everything is scripted in great detail.

Snipers - Cold-blooded killer
Snipers – Cold-blooded killer

When the right time comes, he begins to “take action”. At that place, he calmly waits for the prey to get into his aim. He adjusts according to the wind direction. Gently opening the safety latch, he takes a deep breath and puts his finger on the trigger. Bang! With only one bullet, he gets up and leaves. There is no trace, no emotion, no mistakes allowed.

It is like that! Those who are trained for a single job as headhunting also need to have a plan, a script to act. When the probability is low, the killer will never take action. He understands that as long as he is impatient or wrong, Instantly, he will turn from a predator into prey.

Conclusion on how to make money in Olymp Trade

As I mentioned “Nobody trades alone”, in the market, you either die, or someone else dies. Either you make money, or you lose money. This game is just like that. To survive, you need to have a predator’s mindset: Superior skills, detailed plans, decisive action, etc. And what makes the difference is patience, patience, and patience. If you find Forex, Fixed Time Trade as a place to “walk around”, you will have to pay a very expensive price.

And now, I will withdraw another $50 from Olymp Trade to my ACB bank account. It is to maintain the series of making money from the Olymp Trade trading platform. This is the end of the 14th article.

Hopefully, this article will change your mindset. It possibly can help you train and become a predator – make money in Olymp Trade.

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