Review The T.L.S Trading Strategy That Brought A Profit Of $364 In IQ Option

Review The T.L.S Trading Strategy That Brought A Profit Of $364

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In the last days of 2020, everyone works enthusiastically to have a happy New Year. They may have planned to explore the landscapes never before arrived. I like to travel too. And to do that, in addition to my main job income, Forex trading (left-hand job) gives me more income to be able to take on the vacation. In this article, I will review how to earn passive income from IQ Option with my preferred strategy – T.L.S.

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Video on earning a profit of $364 using the T.L.S trading strategy

The T.L.S strategy is suitable for all traders

The things that are cheap, simple to use with high efficiency will be welcomed by everyone. Apple’s product line is exceptional because it brings many benefits to users. Despite its quite high price, it is still loved and trusted by most people. Do you know why the price is high but buyers are still willing to pay? Because compared to the great benefits it brings, the price offered by the provider is still quite cheap.

The T.L.S strategy is suitable for all traders
The T.L.S strategy is suitable for all traders

Back to the topic, the T.L.S strategy (Trend, Level, Signal) is listed for sale for $499 in overseas courses. However, at, it is free to share. Everyone can learn and trade without paying any fees. The T.L.S trading strategy is completely simple. Even beginners can easily apply it. After all, whether it is effective or not depends on how you use it.

To me, T.L.S is an effective money-making formula in IQ Option. Currently, it helps me to earn more passive income, not too much, but enough to make me happy.

Should beginners learn T.L.S trading strategy?

Should beginners learn TLS trading strategy?
Should beginners learn TLS trading strategy?

To be profitable in your Forex investment, you need to have an effective trading strategy. For beginners, you should find yourself a simple, easy-to-understand trading strategy. Do not choose too complicated things beyond your understanding just because it makes you “cooler” in the eyes of others.

I would like to suggest trading IQ Option with the T.L.S strategy for newbies. The things that constitute it are just the basic knowledge of the financial markets. They include:

– Trend which is a basic knowledge that you can learn from everywhere.

– Levels which are an advantageous price range if you are aware of them. Please refer to the article: What are resistance and support? The safest way to trade for more information.

– Signal which is a signal for you to open an order. The signals are mostly candlestick patterns or candlestick clusters with high accuracy. You can refer to it in the candlestick patterns section to know better.

Just combining these things, you will have a simple strategy to make money in the “long term”. Check it out and not necessarily T.L.S. As there are many good trading strategies out there, your job is to choose the one that is right for you.

Should experienced traders use T.L.S strategy?

Should experienced traders use TLS strategy?
Should experienced traders use TLS strategy?

I am sure that experienced investors have gone through many different trading systems. Eventually, they settle down for themselves with the best method of making money. If you have been in the financial market for a long time but still do not have a plan to make money in the long term, I think you should try T.L.S. Maybe it will suit you.

If you are a follower of reverse trading, you should also change your trading strategy. Following the trend is a safe and effective trading strategy summarized by the “seniors”. In the financial market, no one can go against the trend and succeed. You can’t fight the crowd. They’re like a train ready to crush your account.

I have also tried and burnt out many accounts with different trading strategies. Only when I chose T.L.S as the main strategy, things turned out better. Losses have started to decrease as my strategy offered less but higher-quality entry points. Gradually, I learned how to minimize my risk with it. That was when the first profit coins started coming to my account.

Currently, if you still make money steadily, there is no need to change to other methods. You should only change when things go wrong.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons
Pros and cons

Everything in the world has its good and bad sides, and so is a trading strategy. To make money in Forex investing, your job is to limit the bad and optimize the good of the trading method you are using. I will list the pros and cons of the T.L.S strategy for easy identification.


– Easy to use.

– Offer entry points with a high probability of winning.

– Help traders avoid negative emotions.

– Effectively applied to major currency pairs.

– High accuracy rate when opening long-term orders.


– Take a lot of patience to wait for good entry points.

Review opened orders in IQ Option using the T.L.S strategy from December 7 to December 11

Because you may have watched the video above, so I just describe a few orders so that you know how to choose the right entry points.

3rd order: In the AUD/USD currency pair, the market was in an uptrend. The signal candlestick was a Bullish Pin Bar touching the previous support. Opened a HIGHER order when the Bullish Pin Bar was confirmed with a 20-minute expiration time.

Review the trading order using the TLS strategy in IQ Option
Review the trading order using the TLS strategy in IQ Option

4th order: In the EUR/USD currency pair, the market was in a downtrend. The signal candlestick was a green Marubozu closing at the previous resistance. Opened a LOWER order right after the candle closed at the resistance zone with an expiration time of 15 minutes.

Review the trading order using the TLS strategy in IQ Option
Review the trading order using the TLS strategy in IQ Option

One thing you should know is that because the conditions for entry are very strict, so within a day, it is normal when there is no entry point for the EUR/USD, AUD/USD, JPY/USD pairs. If you choose T.L.S, get used to boredom. It will prevent you from falling into the temptations of the market, giving you certain security.

Once you are an expert on a single strategy, making money in IQ Option will become easier for you. Success will come to those who learn and study (I’m sure you understand that too). Therefore, let’s act instead of sitting there looking for a “holy grail” or frivolous things that exist only in imagination.

To conclude

If you have only one trading method and understand it little by little, then for sure, you will have a heavier pocket compared to other traders. You are like a real killer holding a gun with a silencer that gently ends the target (profit). You will make money when the opportunity comes up clearly in the market while there are still countless traders out there looking for profits. If you are still not profitable, right now, choose a weapon (strategy) to master before plunging into the battlefield. Wish you success.

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