Proximity To The Holy Grail – Is The T.L.S Strategy Worthwhile?

Proximity To The Holy Grail – Is The T.L.S Strategy Worthwhile?

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If you are already a trader, then sometimes you also go on a journey to find the holy grail strategy. This is a journey of faith in search of an unbeatable winning method that will make you richer than Jeff Bezos. After that, lying on the beach waiting for money to come into your account is no longer a dream anymore.

Thanks to that, the pseudo-experts, who illustrate the strategies with a 100% winning rate, show up like mushrooms growing after rain. They commit terribly high profits coming out of their mouths. These cancers cannot be completely removed from financial markets. They survive thanks to the false beliefs of the majority of newbies.

To join hands in eliminating that problem, let us find our own way. And the T.L.S strategy can be referred to as a perfect proximal approach.

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The holy grail T.L.S trading strategy (Trend, Level, Signal)

Do you know the trend? Do you know resistance/support levels? Or do you know the candlestick pattern? If anyone has been exposed to the financial market for at least 1 year, they can all define these terms.

The basic things that few people care about are the elements of the “holy grail”. The T.L.S strategy consists of the familiar things we have missed out on.


Financial market trends
Financial market trends

Trends are divided into 3 different types.

What is an uptrend? You can refer to the article What is uptrend?

What is a downtrend? You can refer to the article What is downtrend?

If you ask a trader why the price increases, you will get an answer that there are more buyers than sellers. This is not true. This is a thought that most people often encounter. Because the number of shares or futures buy and sell contracts on any market are always equal.

So the price goes up or down not because of a change in the number of buyers or sellers. It is due to changes in the level of greed and fear of buyers and sellers.

A sideways market is when the market is in equilibrium. The price cannot rise over or fall off some key levels. This is when the balanced emotions of the crowd have gradually been shaped.


A ball hitting the floor will bounce back. If you toss a coin, it will fall after hitting the ceiling. Support/resistance is just like ceilings and floors. Prices will fluctuate within them. Understanding support/resistance levels is fundamental to understanding price trends. Identifying the strength of a support/resistance level will help you determine whether this trend continues or reverses.

Resistance and support
Resistance and support

Support is a price level at which the buyer is strong enough to interrupt or reverse the downtrend. When the downtrend hits the support, it will rebound just like a diver hitting the bottom and jumping up. The support level is shown on the graph by a horizontal line linking two or more troughs.

Resistance is a price level at which the seller has enough power to disrupt or reverse the uptrend. When the uptrend encounters the resistance, it acts like a man who has his head bumped into a tree branch while climbing up a tree. Now he has to stop or even go down. The resistance level is shown on the graph by a horizontal line connecting two or more peaks.


Entry signal in the holy grail T.L.S strategy
Entry signal in the holy grail T.L.S strategy

In order to safely open a trade, the signal must be highly accurate. With the Japanese candlestick chart, a strong reversal candlestick pattern is a reputable signal.

In an uptrend, you should choose Morning StarThree Inside UpBullish Engulfing, etc., for effectively bullish signals following the trend.

In a downtrend, Evening StarThree Inside DownBearish Engulfing, etc., are the best signals to open an order following the trend.

There are also special candlesticks used by experts as a trend forecasting tool. Those are special single candlesticks such as HammerShooting StarDragonfly DojiGravestone Doji, etc. When they appear, they will give a strong warning about future trends.

You can refer to the details of these candlestick patterns in the candlestick patterns section.

Video on the T.L.S strategy which is perfectly proximal to the holy grail

The strategy is here so what are you waiting for? Practice it on a demo account to test it. When you have mastered the strategy, there will be a capital management method in combination to form a masterpiece. You have the opportunity to enter the house of successful traders. Let’s seize it. Do not hurry because getting rich needs a specific plan and each step to be implemented.

Practice while you can. Don’t regret it when you lose your invested capital. “Mastering is no better than taking advantage”. Take advantage of the demo account right now.

To conclude

The trading strategy has been presented in the most understandable and detailed way. In the next article, I will introduce a specific capital management method for the T.L.S strategy. And that combination will help investors minimize the risk. Stay tuned in the next article. The pieces of the holy grail are gradually revealed.

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