New Money Management Method In Forex: Profit-Holding

How To Maximize Profits With Profit-Holding Money Management In Forex

Some of you may hear the term “Profit-holding” for the first time. This is considered one of the most difficult ways to manage money when you trade in the market.
What Is Trailing Stop? Unlimited Profit Taking With Automatic Stop Loss

What Is Trailing Stop? How To Use It To Make More Profits In Forex

Trailing Stop is popular among experienced traders in Forex trading. You can use it to minimize the risk and maximize the profits effectively.

How To Use Risk/Reward Ratio Effectively In Forex Trading

In this article, I will share all my experiences about how to manage money (capital) with the Risk/Reward (R/R) ratio in Forex trading.

How To Manage Money Safely With The 2% Rule In Forex Trading

The secret tip of many professional traders, who have come a long way in Forex trading, are using the 2% rule to manage money safely.