Risk disclosure

Risk disclosure
Effective date 01.02.2020

All Clients and Prospective clients should carefully study this risk disclosure before completing registration on the website or on the trading terminal and before initiating a trade.

The purpose of this Risk Disclosure (hereinafter referred to as Disclosure) is to disclose to the Customer information about risks related to transactions in the financial market in general and with options in particular and alerting Customers about the possibility of financial losses along with the associated risks. The list of risks presented in this Disclosure is incomplete because there are various situations that may arise during trading. This disclosure is for informational purposes only. Disclosures are intended to provide general explanations of the risks associated with the option.

1. The Client acknowledges that option trades are speculative and extremely risky investments, only suitable for investors:

– knowledgeable and willing to take economic, legal and other risks,

– taking into account their financial condition, sources and financial obligations, able to withstand the risk of losses from what they invest,

– knowledgeable enough to understand what an option trade is.

The Company does not recommend or advise the Client on options and there are no investment recommendations. It is the Client who makes his own decisions about trading tactics and specific actions based on his or her market knowledge or in consultation with independent financial advisors not affiliated with the Company. Options are derivative financial instruments, prices received from the prices of the underlying assets / markets on which they are linked (e.g. currencies, stock indices, stocks, metals, futures, etc.). For this reason, it is extremely important that the customer understands the risks associated with trading on the appropriate underlying asset / market.

This has a direct impact on the Customer’s financial results. Understanding the market volatility allows the Client to analyze the potential profits and execute trading strategies. – Market fluctuations – unexpected changes in prices of underlying assets from one level to another. Various factors can cause sudden changes (such as economic events or market announcements). These factors can occur even when the market is open or close.

When these factors exist at the close of the market, the price of the underlying asset is affected by that factor when the open market can differ significantly from the price of the underlying asset at the close of the market. May not close an open position at a favorable price. This can result in significant losses and profits.

– Liquidity: the value of options may depend on many factors, including, but not limited to, changes in supply and demand ratios; government programs, strategies, agriculture, and trade. trade and transaction; national and international political and economic events; and popular market sentiment psychology. Market conditions can change significantly in a very short time, and therefore, in some markets, the Client may not be able to make a profit as expected.

2. Customers are at risk of financial losses related to the failure, obstruction, disconnection or malicious attacks of third parties on information, communication, electrical systems, electronics and systems. The other is used to make transactions. Among other risks, Customer bears the following loss risks caused by:

– power outages and / or equipment damage on Customer’s or Customer’s communication service provider (in particular verbal communication);

– physical damage (or destruction) of the communication channels used to communicate from Customer’s provider (communications service provider) and Customer’s server;

– is not transmitted via channels used by Customer or channels used by communication service providers (in particular verbal communication) used by Customer;

– using channels, equipment and communication software that do not guarantee timely receipt or receipt of messages (particularly messages) from the Company by the Client;

– cannot communicate via the channels used by the Company, namely the damage (destruction) of material communication channels by third parties.

3. The Client realizes that his / her trading activity may be exposed to network-related risks, including damage to hardware, software, servers, communication lines and the internet. Any such failure may result in the failure to complete the Client’s order at his / her own. The company will not be responsible in the event of such damage.

4. The Client understands that the internet may be subject to events affecting access to the Company’s website and trading terminal, including, but not limited to, disruption or failure of software and hardware, or outages. internet, power outages or hacker attacks. The Company is not responsible for any damages or damages caused by events beyond its control or for any other damages, costs, and liabilities (including, but not limited to, due to the failure of the Client to access the Company’s website or delay or failure to submit an order.

5. When trading through a trading terminal, the Client is at risk of losing financial errors that may arise due to: – hardware and software failures, equipment failures, and poor quality of communications services. Customer side; – Customer device malfunction.

6. Customer acknowledges that under abnormal market conditions, the order processing time of a customer may be longer.

7. The client acknowledges that a single request or order may be in the request queue / command in the server. Any attempt to submit a new request or order will be dismissed.

8. The Client acknowledges that the only reliable source of information about the asset price is the Company’s Server. The asset price on the Client’s trading terminal cannot be used as a reliable source of price information because if the connection between the Client’s trading terminal and the Company Server is unstable, some asset quotes have unable to reach Customer’s trading terminal.

9. The Client acknowledges that closing the web browser window will not cancel the order or request received by the Company for processing.

10. Clients are at risk of executing unplanned transactions if they resend orders before receiving information about the results of previous order processing.

11. Clients are at risk of financial losses due to their failure to receive or delay in receiving any messages from the Company.

11. Customer acknowledges that information sent via unencrypted email is not protected from unauthorized access.

13. Clients are solely responsible for the confidentiality of information that they receive from the Company and are at risk of any financial loss due to unauthorized access to trading accounts by third parties. their cause. The Company is not responsible for unauthorized access to information by third parties, including email, electronic communications, personal data and data access that occurs when transmitting data between the Company or any other party. any other over the Internet or other communication network, telephone or any other electronic means.

14. The Customer is at risk of financial loss (damage) caused by force majeure cases which is determined to be any action, event or phenomenon, including but not limited to:

– strike, mass riot or civil unrest, terrorist attack, war, natural disaster, accident, fire, flood, storm, hurricane, signal loss, communication error, part software or electronic equipment which, in the reasonable opinion of the Company, results in market or market instability of one or more tools;

– suspending, defaulting or closing the market or missing any event on which the Company relies on offering quotes, or the imposition of special or non-standard special trading limits or conditions. , as well as forming transactions on any market or for any event.

15. The Client assumes all financial risks and other risks in the case of transactions (and related actions) in the financial markets prohibited or limited by the laws of the country in which the Customer resides.

16. The Company does not guarantee that Customer’s activities related to option trading will or will not be subject to tax in the future. Customers are responsible for paying any taxes and / or any other charges that may accrue on their transactions. The Company will not provide legal advice, taxes or other matters to the Client for any transaction. If Customer is in doubt about whether they may be subject to any taxes, then Customer must consult an independent expert.

17. The Company assumes no responsibility for any actions or omissions of any third party for which funds are deposited by Customer to add funds to the Client’s account or to withdraw funds from the website.

18. The Company may from time to time provide the Customer with information, referrals, news, comments or other information about the market for informational purposes. If this happens:

-The Company will not be responsible for this information;

-The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness and completeness of such information;

– this information is provided solely to enable the Customer to make investment decisions and is not an investment advice;

– if the profile has restrictions on a particular person or group of people or concerns, Customer agrees not to pass this information to that person or group of people;

-The Company does not guarantee that Customers will receive information before it becomes obsolete. Customer decides on the use of information when making its own decision. Information posted by the Company may be changed or deleted at any time without further notice to the Client.

19. The Company will not advise the Customer on the profitability of a transaction or give investment advice in any way. The company only provides information on the current situation of financial markets. The trading signal provided by the Company to the Client in accordance with the Agreement is not an offer and is not a clear introduction that the customer is engaged in commercial transactions and (or) performs a transaction, not is objective and authentic information that the Company is responsible for that to Customers and third parties, and is not professional advice. Clients will be trading on their own and at their own risk, as well as make decisions based on their own judgment. By sending an order to execute a trade to the Company, the Client confirms that he / she is solely responsible for its independent prediction and risk analysis. The Client confirms that he or she has sufficient market knowledge, professional advice, if necessary, and the necessary experience to make its own assessment of the risks and benefits of any trade. . In consideration of the foregoing, the Company asks the Customer to think carefully about the risks incurred when executing an acceptable trade, taking into account the purpose and financial capability of the Client. This disclosure is not intended to dissuade Customer from making transactions (trading with derivative financial instruments) but to help Customer assess the risks associated with making such transactions and choosing a strategy. Technical is responsible within the implementation of the Agreement with the Company.