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Our Blog shares how we learn and use IQ Option trading strategies. We also review safe and profitable entry points as well as tips and tricks in IQ Option.

Every week there will be a specific making-money plan and trading strategies. At the weekend, we will withdraw money to the bank if the transaction is profitable. All will have clear statements and withdrawal proof.

How To Trade website brings together the true traders of IQ Option. This is where we share our knowledge and results during the trading process.

The purpose of the Blog is to help you see what is most genuine and comprehensive about IQ Option. From there, you can make a decision whether or not to enter this market.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

Review The T.L.S Trading Strategy That Brought A Profit Of $364 In IQ Option

Forex gives me more income to help my daily life. In this article, I will review how to earn money from IQ Option with the T.L.S strategy.

Trend Trading – The Most Effective Strategy To Make Money In IQ Option

Trader's life is a long way to go to be successful. Today, I will evaluate the trend trading so that everyone has a detailed view of it.
IQ Option Doesn't Pay Traders. Is That True?

IQ Option Doesn’t Pay Traders. Is That True?

Is IQ Option a scam? Is it true that IQ Option does not pay profitable traders? This article can partly help you to answer those questions
Earn $318 Of Profits With The Strategy Using Double SMAs In IQ Option

Earn $318 Of Profits With The Strategy Using Double SMAs In IQ Option

If you're a trader who prefers long-term trading with a little patience, I'm sure you'll make money by using the Double SMAs strategy in IQ Option.

IQ Option Trading Log: Bollinger Bands Indicator – The “Holy Grail” Of Beginners

My dream when I first joined IQ Option was really big. It's a house and a 4-seater car. Can I make it with the Bollinger Bands indicator? Check it out in this article.

Is IQ Option A Scam? The Truth About The Scamming Story Of IQ Option

This article is for traders who want to know if IQ Option is a scam or not. If you're also interested in IQ Option, then check it out.

Review Of Trading Strategy Using Parabolic Sar Indicator In IQ Option

This is the review on the trading strategy with Parabolic Sar indicator which brought in $119 of profits in IQ Option to test its perfection.

Make Money From IQ Option Within 1 Month Using T.L.S Strategy – Week 4

To trade better with the T.L.S strategy, every time I did it wrong, I would personally review the causes and then improve it most effectively.

Cause of Failures in IQ Option Trading – Week 3

This article will address the causes of trader failures and review on the T.L.S strategy in week 3. What makes you lose money in IQ Option?
Make Money In IQ Option Within 1 Month Using T.L.S Strategy

Make Money In IQ Option Within 1 Month Using T.L.S Strategy – Week 2

The journey to make money in IQ Option within 1 month has made it to week 2. Everything was going well as expected at first. However...