IQ Option Trading Log: Earn $129 Within A Week Using T.L.S Strategy

IQ Option Trading Log: Earn $129 Within A Week Using T.L.S Strategy

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To make a profit in investment, it is very important to have an effective strategy. So in this article, I would like to share how to make $129 profit when trading in IQ Option within 1 week.

You need a long-term vision and the right direction, combined with doing it consistently. Besides, you need to have the confidence to make a profit when you follow your plan, it will all lead you to success.

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Video on how to earn $129 in IQ Option using the T.L.S strategy within 1 trading week

What is T.L.S strategy?

This is a strategy that gathers the most basic things such as trend, level, and signal. This is not too complicated to use. You only need to understand the basics to be able to open a safe order. Because of the limitations of the article, I will not cover the strategy in detail. However, there will be a specific article detailing the T.L.S strategy.

The TLS trading strategy - IQ Option log
The TLS trading strategy

How to manage capital safely

Most risk management methods require certain psychological training. If you do not want to lose money,

Martingale is a method to get back the full amount of previous losing orders. But the volume of the following transactions will be very large, making the account unbearable. It is very dangerous when the series of losses prolong which makes your balance evaporate.

Martingale betting system
Martingale betting system

Snowball is a capital management method known as the 8th wonder for those who know how to use it. We take advantage of the previous winning orders by opening the next order using both principal and previous profit. If you have a high winning rate, then applying this method will make your balance grow very fast. But be careful because losing only 1 order will lose both your principal and profit.

Snowball capital management method - IQ Option trading log
Snowball capital management method

Only the Classic capital management method fully meets the criteria of safety and growth. In this method, the initial capital will be equally divided by the number of orders to be traded. With a win rate of about 60%, you will make a profit. This is not difficult when there is an effective trading strategy.

For example, you have a $200 capital and you want to trade 4 orders a day. Then, for each order, you will invest $50.

Classic capital management method
Classic capital management method

How to limit bad trading orders

If you want to succeed in trading, then emotions are things to throw away. But as a human being, everyone has basic emotions such as happiness, anger, love, and guilt. Emptiness is impossible because these emotions have been deep inside you since the beginning. If you cannot eliminate them all, then limiting is the most optimal solution for investment. To do so, set out principles that will help you avoid losing your temper.

Good risk management
Good risk management

Summary of 1 week of trading in IQ Option with T.L.S strategy

A fairly strict strategy used to earn a stable profit is a must for a trader to see trading as a serious job. But to be able to do so, it requires a process of research and statistical results objectively.

You should also try out an IQ Option trading log for your own to record your trading process. From which, you can draw yourself lessons and experiences. Because sometimes, you can’t easily summarize it with just plain thoughts and without the need for paper.

If you have trouble building your strategy when trading in IQ Option, contact me for constructive advice. Trade on a demo account to test your strategies. If you can make profits consistently for 1 month, then you can think about making real money.

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